These paintings and mixed media works are layered acrylic paint and epoxy art resin.  Some pieces incorporate wax pencil, pigment pen and metal grit.  I employ special texture processes in the more organic-looking works.  

Most can orient horizontally or vertically.  They are signed on back. Because of the high-gloss resin coating, some photos will have background reflection.  Feel free to ask for more detailed images of a particular painting.

Hover over or click on images for details.  These untitled works can be referenced by the unique number starting the description.


Ask for closeups of the details.

Send a well-lit photo of your space  with how wide area in the photo is.  I'll show how that painting you like  would look there.                              

I live a few hours away.  Can you bring paintings to my house to consider?

How do you make all those lines in different layers?

How do the sides and back look?

What if you send a painting but I just don't feel the magic when it gets here?

I like this painting, but need something more square.

Do I need special hardware to hang?

...Or anything else.

Contacts at the bottom of the page.

We'll review your order together before I send your invoice.
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