Draft for Rick's acrylic and resin works:

I graduated in Fine Art from the University of Southwestern Louisiana, now the University of Louisiana, in '82.  I was fortunate enough to find success early and have been a full-time working visual artist since '84.  I have worked primarily as a painter, printmaker and mixed media artist.   Naturally, in the past 34 years, my artwork been collected by thousands of individuals worldwide, hundreds of corporations including the big bad ones and the good ones, and celebrities.   My work is in two major Hollywood movies and one art museum's collection.  Four art museum directors have bought my artwork for themselves.  And I had probably a million or more "likes" of my work before you could officially "like" it.

During my career, my work has evolved in style, media, and subject matter.  Now that I'm finally mature, my current body of work is the best yet!  

I have been repped by galleries and am always open to gallery representation. I participate in a dozen or more of the best juried art fairs in Texas, the Midwest and Florida.  So whatever show you see me in is the best show in the country that weekend.

Rick Loudermilk watercolor artist statement
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